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Roosevelt Island, NYC #NYFW #YEEZYSZN

Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy.. where to begin!?

I remember being at his Saint Pablo show in Boston @ TD Garden and getting home that night to a post sent to me that Kanye tweeted; it was for a casting next day in New York, "multi-racial women only" So of course it was calling my name! I'm so thankful I had friends and family support me in making the decision to go to the casting cause you never know what'll happen! So I get on the  first bus I can to get me there as early in the morning as possible. While waiting in the line that's growing around the block, I keep seeing all these beautiful women and  think to myself "They're totally gonna get in, she's gonna make it" and once those thoughts started to arise, I heard God tell me "keep forward. Don't worry just keep forward, eye forward." So I continued to hold my own and move forward. Few hours from getting in the line around 10AM I was finally heading up to Jack Studios, NYC for them to take my contact and test shot. I was so pumped with possibility that I left the studio walking on air. Outside I see how the line has now reached around the whole  block! No matter my chances, I was still thankful for the opportunity.


Fast forward 2 days later I get an email the night before the show explaining how I was accepted! Best email I think I've ever received because that meant Kanye went through all the potential models and picked me out of thousands with his team. I felt blessed!  I was ready & back on the late bus to be in New York early that morning. Once we arrived we had to sign a few waivers/contracts, put our phones safely away, had a beautiful breakfast with views of the city got individually styled, and got ready to leave by color group (Black, brown, tan, melon, etc.) Paparazzi trying to get shots of us as made our way to Roosevelt Island (classic lol) and even having to hide out in some trees before we got set up for the show made the day more lively and exciting. ~ Aside from seeing celebs (Kim K, Lala, Pharrell, Pusha T, etc.) face to face which was awesome, most news stories will highlight the fact that a few girls were passing out due to dehydration on the field cause of being in the hot sun for 2+ hours. I was able to stick it through and stand for the whole show and enjoyed watching it first hand from within the runway. It was truly a gold life achievement, I'm glad to cross "being a Yeezy model" off my list, until next time Kanye!