#MoreWorkComingSoon Presents: Lessons for the World

As #MoreWorkComingSoon took a bit of a hiatus, we are back with more work through a new project titled "Lessons for the World" in which these photos will carry knowledge, insight, and lessons to be shared with the World. The purpose of Lessons for the World is to show how many responses or insights we can have for the questions we share; all pertaining to the curiosity found within us all.

Today's #LessonsForTheWorld session features Kris Nevaeh Tyler, a friend of mine for many years. She is a Boston based Photographer specializing in portraits, fashion, and creative concepts. Thank you Kris for your time & insight! Love you always. ❤️

Why Is Expression So Important? "It's important because it coincides with identity. So to express yourself is to show who you are as a person. Without expression no one knows who you are."

What Activities Or Things Help You Learn To Be More Self Expressive & To Find Yourself/Get In Tuned With Yourself?

Definitely music, the way I dress, photography and art in general especially visual art is very important in my expression. Especially when I got older coming into my own fashion sense made me feel more like me.

So For Those Who Are Having Trouble Finding Ways To Identify Themselves What Do You Suggest Them Try & Do To Get More In Touch With Themselves?

I would say to always follow your instincts because there's no rule of how to express yourself. Even stepping out of your comfort zone can take time but always make sure whatever it is feels right. When you're young its very easy to follow a crowd and do what they are doing but use that to learn who you are. Nothing is 100% original and you just have to do what feels right for you until you see who you are and what you actually like & make it your own.

What Benefits Do You Think Art Provides Society?

It has a big psychological component to it which is crazy cause I don't know why art is taken out of school programs or not given the funding it needs to have because we underestimate how much it's therapeutic; visual arts, music, drawing, photography, performing arts all of that creates an outlet for people to express themselves and I know we keep talking about expression (but its so important) yeah! Even emotionally, everyone goes through something and some people need an outlet because talking, people don't talk, so its very important to humanity in general.

What Do You Think Are Some Essentials To Being Happy?

Self love; knowing yourself and being honest with even the negative parts of yourself, recognizing your toxicity towards others and to yourself & being truthful with that. Self love can be very hard & a tough thing to go through cause its easy to not acknowledge anything in your life that's going wrong rather than really confronting it but that's the only way its going to get better.

What's One Thing You Would Want To Tell The World?

That it's okay to express negative emotions and it's okay to not be okay because I feel like everyone, especially with social media being a big thing, everyone wants to express that they are ok & I get it, not everyone wants to put their business online but its like everyone doesn't want to show the negative parts of themselves or acknowledge them or at least admit when they aren't okay. They don't want to feel like they're burdens and its OK! You can't want to always be happy if you choose to ignore the negative. //

And of course, do you have a Lesson for the World?

Life sucks, depression sucks, the world's not fair but at the end of the day you have to remember you are important to you.No one else can validate you but you & that's what true happiness is. There are billions of people on this earth & its easy to seem insignificant & you're never going to feel happy or important if you're basing it on those other people. -- #MoreWorkComingSoon#LessonsForTheWorld #LSB #MWCS