Martha's Vineyard 7.2018

Whenever you go to Martha's Vineyard time definitely slows down for you. Perfect for you to enjoy every bit of charm this island has to offer.

Voyaging onto the 2 hour drive down to the Steamship Authority Ferry to MV is easily the only strenuous part of staying in the Vineyard. But with fast and frequent Ferries to and from, as soon as you park, your worries start to float away with free Shuttles taking you right from the lot to the dock for you to board for the Vineyard. This past trip Angelo and I took up for 4th of July weekend was one of the best to date; here's how we started our journey to Martha's Vineyard...

While we entertained ourselves with Wimbledon's Venus & Serena Willams matches, double checking our bags & getting ready to leave Home Base, thunder and lightening cracked open the sky and the rain came gloriously pouring down. Thunder filling the air with its booming sound and lightening peeking its way through to highlight the sky. As beautiful as it sounds, it truly defines as: we ain't going no where until this rain lightens up #OK


We were able to make the Ferry as we do a 2-minute dash to buy our tickets and get in line to ensure we don't miss the next ferry (that's boarding to leave any minute!) On our coastal ride it becomes perfect timing to reach the island as the sky finishes up clearing the clouds away to bring forth the sunny sky that was one layer away. As we touch down in Martha's Vineyard the sun makes its debut to welcome us safely to the Vineyard! After splitting an Uber with friends we show up to our lovely and ever so cozy cottage and I fell in love with it's coastal-farm feel. Our suite was right off the front porch with pretty flowers and warmth to greet us inside.

Babe and I went for a little venture walk our first night to explore our area and see what interesting finds we can get into. About a 1/2 mile down our main road we came to a beach front JUST in time for the beautiful sunset. (To be honest, at first, I wanted to just lay down but I'm glad Angelo got me up and had us experience one of the prettiest sunsets ever.) We watched as the Sun went from orange to pink right on the beach. I loved every second of it, made me remember how much love is in the everyday things we don't usually have the time to cherish.

The weather was perfect all weekend with clear skies and warm sun to greeting us as we got tan lol. For Lunch we went to Nancy's right in town and by the water where boats were both sailing and docked. We had the most AMAZING Lobster Quesadillas as well as Fish N' Chips, Salmon Sandwich and crispy fries. After our breezy lunch we run into some homies grabbing food right downstairs and we automatically felt the weekend energy go up, it was going to be a lit time.


Time came to pick up our MV Rental and let me tell you, this ̶c̶a̶r̶ Jeep was sexy. Not only did they hook us up with a free upgrade and promotion, we had the best car in the lot. A new 2018 4-door Jeep RUBICON with Slate Grey/Black Exterior with Red trim, it was so smooth too. Angelo looked like such a Daddy with this car it was perfect to ride along in at the Vineyard. Next: We cop some bottles of Clicquot & Henny, charge up at the crib and head over to Red, White, & Boom. As soon as we get there we link with gang (Shoutout to Raina) at Rai's suite and pregame during the party lol. We're all posted up inside and out free to chop it up, take shots, drink & roll up and most importantly enjoy this beautiful day. The party got jumpin' of course as soon as Michael Christmas started to perform tracks off his new album Role Model like "Upset" "Honey Berry" "These Days" and when he connected with us in the crowd while talking on the mic it definitely made us all feel connected, energized, & thankful to be partying up in MV. As the sun went down, the SuperSmash Broz got it turnt up (per usual!). I was pretty wavy at this point with that open bar they had earlier, drinks galore with gang and just being in such a beautifully swagged out atmosphere with a lot people of color in the Vineyard, it was really hard not to go in and enjoy the music and the company around you.


In contrast to such a party hard day on Saturday, Sunday turned out to be a lovely beach day in the sun. After a yummy lunch in town, we ran into Raina and some of our homegirls and we already knew what was down: Time to link up with gang and head to the beach! Angelo and I took a nice adventure ride and passed some farms, horses, and fields of grass and dirt roads to joyride the Jeep lol. We get to Colin's, pop bottles & have a drink and talk about the crazy nights we all just had the day before. The sun is out and blaring so why not fire up this last MV day? It wasn't until NGina & Brianna told us to take the roof off the Jeep that we shifted into next gear lol. *Soca and Dancehall begins pumping out our speakers* and we don't stop it when we get into town either. We had that sh-t blasting as ladies whine in the back seat & on the block when we parked. Everyone learned about some tunes that day, no one could escape our vibes! When we finally got to the beach and parked it was great to unwind all that MV gave us with some friends, wine, snacks, and being able to just breathe in such peace. Before Angelo & I left to return back home, we stopped by Sharky's Cantina for THE BEST Loaded Nacho's I've ever had in my life. Layered with Guac, Melted Cheese, Refried Beans, some chicken, Salsa, this had it all and I was in love. (Just thinking about these Nachos make me wanna swim to Martha's Vineyard JUST to eat them lol) I can't leave out my Ice Cream addiction of the weekend, the Finding Dory ice cream from Big Dipper: Blue Vanilla Ice Cream with crumbled Oreo cookies.. WITH A MARSHMALLOW SWIRL. I was in LOVE & I STILL AM! That ice cream was beautiful and tasted beautiful too. It was all I needed to embark on our journey back to Boston.

Angelo was of course my cherry on top @ the Vineyard because no matter where we go we end up on the best adventures with memories made of gold. I cannot wait until next Summer to come back to Martha's Vineyard and do it up even bigger than this year.

There is so much fun and relaxation to be had out here, thank you Martha's Vineyard!