Leveling Through ⇡

Leveling Through ⇡


Often times my generation, being on the level of the ambiguous atmosphere between knowing who we are and becoming who we are meant to be, we sometimes fall short in the thought of our journey due to many entities. We are moving out, had a career change, in the process of regrouping/re-balancing, getting our personal lives organized, questioning our purpose. We at times fall short of our vivid expectations for how things should be playing out vs how Reality has actually displayed them in front of us, so we question why & try to trace our recently tracked steps.

It's not like we didn't do what we were supposed to do & automatically failed just like that, we just haven't done it yet (because we still can). We get discouraged so fast when things don't play out for us like how they do in the movies (or even on social media!) so we feel less than. We feel less than for things not sparking when we want them to or by seeing others shining brighter than us as they continue on their own journey. Don't let your ego diminish what is set in stone for you just because you don't see the creation yet (!) I learned that on this level of life, we need to remain forward and not have our eyes wander onto someone else's vision. I read somewhere that "Every trial has already been built into my success story through the sovereignty of God." (Thank you Natalie! ♡) So no matter what we are currently in the phase of, it is already in motion to the end game we see in our hearts & what we dream.

Everything we encounter, the good, the bad, the null, the unexpected curve balls, they all have a place on this road and isn't deterring us from what we have our eyes on, rather, it is bringing us closer. We shouldn't feel hopeless just because we don't see the end result just yet, that is what we need to be working on! You can't get to 10 without first going passed 1,2,3 & everything in-between. Instead of feeling stressed we should feel a sense of peace knowing God is (& always was) in control. The negatives we encounter are actually still good & we are "exactly where we are suppose to be". Sounds cliche but it is true. We are to continue on our paths and remember faith in oneself is vital, it goes hand in hand with having Faith in the things we can't control & knowing God (aka a higher being/the Universe) is working with & within us to bring them into fruition. With all life's moving pieces, find within yourself a moment of stillness. Stillness within you that can regroup you back to your purpose when the world begins to cloud you with its distractions. Dissect your moves into several small success steps that leave a bigger mark than you'll realize at this moment. It is all being poured into you so never fret. It is all apart of the process of you succeeding & growing out of that grey area to the next level. Take all that life is throwing at you and use it to progress, it is all meant for you! Don't back down, keep going knowing that God & the Universe has your back; you just have to listen to them as they apply to your journey & discoveries. Welcome the work you will have to do, even when you don't want to, welcome the "failures" as they will teach you what needs work, and welcome a new found faith & glory within yourself as only this path was made for you. No one else can have what you have & vice versa, we are all journeying & leveling through, one step at a time into the light. So keep going, I'm rooting for us! :)