@ Home Lovin'

This season that we're in breathes new opportunities for us to better our surroundings & more importantly ourselves.

Below is a list I created with a bunch of awesome activities we can all do around our homes to feel happier and more productive. Making the most out of our days is such a win and self-care is always the best place to start!

* Any of the activities you see marked with the asterisk ( * ) you can do while enjoying music, turn that speaker up and vibe out!

+Wake up and pray; give thanks for the day!

+Drink lots of water

+Eat a delicious breakfast/brunch

+Filter through your clothes* - Donate things you haven't worn in over a year or just don't fit you anymore, think of the people in need who will benefit from your generosity.

+Create a clutter-free work/creation zone outside your bedroom to cultivate a productive atmosphere*

+Wash and Deep Condition your hair* +Reflect on what you're thankful for, what you love about yourself, and your blessings

+Create and tackle a to-do list to keep you focused during your day

+Read a chapter or 2 of a book that can elevate and pique your mind

+Partake in a yoga session - there's plenty of great yogis online that can awaken your inner core!

+Take a nice, warm, and loving shower*

+Drink more water!!

+Watch a feel-good movie with your family +Tap into your creative side and make a piece of art with materials found around your house*

+Water and check on the plants around your house - giving them attention is not only thoughtful, but the good vibes will also help them grow!

+Decorate and change the Feng shui up in your bedroom for a refreshing environment*

+Cook a new & delicious dish you've been wanting to try*

+Take a midday power nap

+Clean your sneakers - yup break out that toothbrush & get to scrubbing!* +Get a bit of fresh air from your porch, backyard, or doorstep +Have a yummy snack or blend up a smoothie

+FaceTime, call, or text a loved one and let them know you're thinking of them

+Workout for 30 minutes to get your blood circulating*

+Learn a new skill - plenty of tutorials on Youtube to help you practice! +Look through old videos and photos for some great nostalgia and laughs +Declutter everything on your phone; from your inbox, contacts, emails, and apps

+Wash your wigs & makeup brushes, ladies! Organize all your makeup while you're at it*

+Read the Bible and reflect on how great God's word is

+Stretch for 5-7 minutes; release some tension built up in and around your body*

+Drink a cup of tea - good for the body, good for the soul +Take some photos of yourself! Get dressed up and bank some selfies of your fine self

+Relax before bed with a little TV, a chapter of a good book, or wine down with a mindful mediation. - No matter what you do, do a bit of social media detoxing and stay off your phone before bed; it'll just keep you up longer and distract your mind/body from falling asleep

(Be sure to keep some water by your bed in case you get thirsty during the night, it's also good to begin your day drinking a glass of water to keep your energy high and refresh your body for the new day ahead)

~ xoxo, LSB