Coney Island :-)

All year I've been dreaming of going to Coney Island this summer and if there was one thing I wanted to with Angelo, it would be to have a fun packed day here & cross it off my Summer Bucket List before Winter was upon us once again. Thankfully Angelo and I were able to find some time aside from the Vineyard or Hampton and even the occasional "let's just relax all day & chill in the hammock" days to take another awesome weekend trip back to New York.

While on our stay in Williamsburg we set aside a day JUST for Coney Island and it's festivities. Upon arrival we were greeted by summer on Coney's beautiful & long beach boardwalk, filled with places to get a bite, have a drink, or even play a game or two. The shore on the beach was lined with families, couples, and people just enjoying the day. As we grabbed our tickets (I suggest doing Luna Park's Any Day Pass, as it will grant you access to the Park on any day you choose as well as give you unlimited ride access and a free round of Go Karts! It's worth every penny & more) We fell in love with how open and vast this Carnival turned out to be! We didn't know where to start so we started with something easy: food! Some cheese fries, beers, and an Italian sausage later, we were ready to start the fun. We began by playing a few arcade games like a Motocross Race and Dance Dance Revolution which ultimately, wore us out before the song could even finish haha.

ON TO (some of) THE RIDES

Out of the few favorites we had, first up is The Tickler, by the looks of it, it looked like an easy start, going side to side while we spin here and there.. but boy were we wrong! As soon as we got to the top, we started shifting side to side and spinning nonstop & when we would dip back down, we were backwards and yes, still spinning. It woke us up so fast we were alert and ready for whatever we were in for next at Coney Island. You never really scream out of fun unless you're on a carnival ride happily screaming for your life lol. The Brooklyn Flyer was a 2-seat bench/swing that takes you like 100 ft. into the air and twirls you around giving you beautiful views of the whole carnival. It wasn't scary, it wasn't full of tricks, it was truly a sweet break in between all the jumpy rides to just enjoy a few breezes and gaze at all the park's wonder. Alright, this next ride I'm about to mention called the Coney Island Sound played Angelo & I!! I suggested we go on it but Angelo said it looked like it was for babies right, so we go on anyways and let me tell you.. we were tortured by this spinning ride lol! They look like piano keys and as such, go up and down. But when we went down, we went all the way down. I'm talking we up here then sink down in such a haste that Angelo was popping up from his seat like popcorn every time we span around to this one drop we dreaded each time we came full circle. *Ow!* *D'oh!* *No. not agai- Oh!* was all we could say as we laughed hysterically in fun agony. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, fun torture. (I say dramatically speaking) To get our minds right we opted for a refreshing ICEE that actually could be refilled all day at the carnival for an unlimited amount of time! How awesome! We filled that baby up a good 5 times or so through out our day just to stay cool and enjoy a refreshment. The Wonder Wheel Ferris Wheel had to be one of my favorites just because both Angelo & I have never been on one before and it looks so daunting looking at it's stature from the bottom up, especially since it goes 150 ft into the air. The views were spectacular and was a bit romantic I should add. Seeing the beach, people playing all these colorful games, being on top of the world of fun would leave anyone in a great mood. Even though I am afraid of heights, living that moment was priceless. Last but not least the GoKarts at Coney Island Raceway. It had to be my favorite just because their course over 900 ft. of turns, sweet curves and speedy carts to zoom-zoom in. I thought I was going super fast on some drifting ish going round after round passing others and waving at my boo on the track as he speeds around too.

Overall if you ever find yourself in New York with a free day for some fun, go to Coney Island. You'll have an action packed day with family or friends, win prizes (like this big Doggo Angelo won for me lol), feel a rush on a funky ride or 2 and STILL have time to day drink or enjoy the beach all on your leisure. I will definitely be going back in the Summers to come!



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