60 Things About Me

    Just as this site is new to the world, I wanted to share some (new) things a lot of people may not know about me, just so you can understand and love me more for who I am! I had fun making this random list of facts about me so I hope one or 2 of them entertain you lol.

    What were your favorite facts to learn? Did anything surprise you or happen to be something you relate to? Share with me and let me know, we both may learn something new. :-)



    1. I was born October 24th, 1994

    2. I am a Scorpio, my Rising Sign is a

    3. I have 1 older brother (Rueben) and 1 older sister (Angel) - so that makes me the baby of the family

    4. I didn't go to college, everything I do is self-taught

    5. I'm constantly dancing (in person or in my head), doesn't matter the song

    6. I talk to myself & I like it & it's not crazy!

    7. My favorite things rarely change, once I like it, I like it. (and will always get it lol)

    8. I don't have games in my phone

    9. I love making itineraries for the trips I plan

    10. My favorite number is 24

    11. I'm a crazy person who always has like 7+ tabs open at a time

    12. I text/email myself things I don't want to forget

    13. Stopped drinking soda in high school, I'll only have some when it's mixed with alcohol

    14. Best fries I ever had were from Simco's (their extra crispy fries are LIFE) - Honorary mention: McDonald's fries b/c they've always been bomb, but I don't eat there anymore

    15. I don't like peanut butter even the smell disgusts me

    16. I don't like watermelon, cantaloupe, melon, etc. cause ew why

    17. Some people call me weirdo, shy, crazy, beautiful, funny, smart ass.. I'm all of the above

    18. I have my Soulmate, his name is Angelo & he is truly sent from God for me, we are 2 halves of the same heart ♡

    19. My favorite color is Red

    20. I get curious about everything in this world (hello nonstop Google searches)

    21. I'm territorial for the people I love

    22. I love grocery shopping

    23. TARGET is my boo (can never stop loving and shopping there lol)

    24. My piggy bank is Darth Vader's helmet

    25. My favorite top 2 animes of all time are Rurouni Kenshin & Space Dandy

    (they both my boos)

    26. When I was younger I wanted to be just like my brother so I enjoy all things anime, COD, all RPG games, Pokémon, Dragonball Z, tech, Marvel/DC, etc.

    27. But I also have more of a girl influence now so I constantly harass my sister and learned all things hair, products, makeup, etc. & always ask her what will look good on me and which photo is better to post lol

    28. My siblings and I grew up on Star Wars, James Bond, Lord of the Rings, and all things Kung-Fu and Sci-Fi/Fantasy

    29. ItalkfastwhenI'mexcited

    30. I'm a bit narcissistic, I love when I get t see myself!

    It fascinates me, you all get to see me so when I get a chance to check myself out it's as if I'm seeing my self for the first time lol

    31. I am of Trinidadian and Guyanese descent, beautiful parents made a beautiful family.

    32. Boston Girl, born and raised

    33. Some of my favorite movies are Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, Fight Club, Birdman, Get Out, Ocean's 11, Shrek, Batman & Robin

    34. I usually hate asking for help but we're human & need to sometimes so we all can continue to grow

    35. I accept everyone because I know what it's like to be prejudged & I know we all have a story; good and bad.

    36. I'm very emotional & I know how to express how I feel because I am very emotionally aware of myself and others

    37. I am obsessed with Pad Thai and Sushiiiii I could eat it every day

    38. I love Asian and Mexican food the most outside of my own cultural food

    39. Like I mentioned, I love Kill Bill so much I can even quote the movies to you & I even cosplayed as Beatrix Kiddo for the Anime Convention in 2016 a few years back lol & yes, I have her complete outfit, down to the shoes!)

    40. I love chowder whether its seafood or chicken corn

    41. Spaghetti & Lasagna are my favorite Italian/Pasta dishes but the Cajun Chicken Shrimp Pasta @ Friday's is always a Win for me it's too good

    42. I use to be an impulsive spender but thanks to my loving & amazingly responsible boyfriend I'm money-smart now & both my Checking and Savings Accounts are poppin' <$

    43. I rarely wear makeup, my go-to is only Lashes and Lipstick #dassit

    44. Not a big phone talker but I'll always answer a text or email! (I even Voice Memo from time to time too!)

    45. I didn't get my 1st cavity until I was about 22 years old

    46. I don't like big bridges over water & never will you ever see me on a cruise! Unknown waters are not my friend and no I do not want to know how deep you are and what lurks within!!!

    47. I love eating in bed #ImCozy #GuiltyPleasure

    48. Obsessed with Red Pepper Hummus, I can eat it every day

    49. Yes I carry Hot Sauce in my purse

    50. People say they love my sense of humor & how my happiness is contagious no matter the time and place and it reminds me how much I appreciate the light inside me

    51. Sometimes I sing/hum when I eat & if I'm super happy I might even jig in my seat a bit

    52. I'm constantly making sounds or songs my accident, I'm such a cartoon

    53. I love S'mores ice cream, Cotton Candy ice cream, ice creams that have marshmallow swirls, Strawberry Sherbet (yum I want some now!)

    54. I go to galleries as much as I can, I study their structures, sq. footage, walls, lighting, etc. because my hopes are to own my very own gallery of media 1 day!

    55. I'm more likely to do dishes if I have plastic gloves lol

    56. Would love to be a Montessori/Art/Early Learning teacher

    (may even go back to school one day & become certified!)

    57. I have a high patience/tolerance but will say something if needed to keep levels balanced. But once I'm done, I'm done.

    58. No one gets under my skin like my man Angelo does -_- lol (maybe it's because he knows me the most! (other than Mama))

    59. I use to have a red fish named La Flame Soprano, I got him for Christmas from Angelo and it was literally the best present lol even his tank was dope it changed colors and everythingggg RIP La Flame!

    60. Chips and I are BFFs I love chips. They are magical, potatoes in general are amazing

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