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This season that we're in breathes new opportunities for us to better our surroundings & more importantly ourselves.

Below is a list I created with a bunch of awesome activities we can all do around our homes to feel happier and more productive. Making the most out of our days is such a win and self-care is always the best place to start!

* Any of the activities you see marked with the asterisk ( * ) you can do while enjoying music, turn that speaker up and vibe out!

+Wake up and pray; give thanks for the day!

+Drink lots of water

+Eat a delicious breakfast/brunch

+Filter through your clothes* - Donate things you haven't worn in over a year or just don't fit you anymore, think of the people in need who will benefit from your generosity.

+Create a clutter-free work/creation zone outside your bedroom to cultivate a productive atmosphere*

+Wash and Deep Condition your hair* +Reflect on what you're thankful for, what you love about yourself, and your blessings

+Create and tackle a to-do list to keep you focused during your day

+Read a chapter or 2 of a book that can elevate and pique your mind

+Partake in a yoga session - there's plenty of great yogis online that can awaken your inner core!

+Take a nice, warm, and loving shower*

+Drink more water!!

+Watch a feel-good movie with your family +Tap into your creative side and make a piece of art with materials found around your house*

+Water and check on the plants around your house - giving them attention is not only thoughtful, but the good vibes will also help them grow!

+Decorate and change the Feng shui up in your bedroom for a refreshing environment*

+Cook a new & delicious dish you've been wanting to try*

+Take a midday power nap

+Clean your sneakers - yup break out that toothbrush & get to scrubbing!* +Get a bit of fresh air from your porch, backyard, or doorstep +Have a yummy snack or blend up a smoothie

+FaceTime, call, or text a loved one and let them know you're thinking of them

+Workout for 30 minutes to get your blood circulating*

+Learn a new skill - plenty of tutorials on Youtube to help you practice! +Look through old videos and photos for some great nostalgia and laughs +Declutter everything on your phone; from your inbox, contacts, emails, and apps

+Wash your wigs & makeup brushes, ladies! Organize all your makeup while you're at it*

+Read the Bible and reflect on how great God's word is

+Stretch for 5-7 minutes; release some tension built up in and around your body*

+Drink a cup of tea - good for the body, good for the soul +Take some photos of yourself! Get dressed up and bank some selfies of your fine self

+Relax before bed with a little TV, a chapter of a good book, or wine down with a mindful mediation. - No matter what you do, do a bit of social media detoxing and stay off your phone before bed; it'll just keep you up longer and distract your mind/body from falling asleep

(Be sure to keep some water by your bed in case you get thirsty during the night, it's also good to begin your day drinking a glass of water to keep your energy high and refresh your body for the new day ahead)

~ xoxo, LSB

As #MoreWorkComingSoon took a bit of a hiatus, we are back with more work through a new project titled "Lessons for the World" in which these photos will carry knowledge, insight, and lessons to be shared with the World. The purpose of Lessons for the World is to show how many responses or insights we can have for the questions we share; all pertaining to the curiosity found within us all.

Today's #LessonsForTheWorld session features Brendan Oh a dear friend I was lucky to cross paths with while working at the same office, is a true human gem. Even though you are moving I am so thankful for the time we were able to spend together. I wish you the absolute best & hope to see you when you come to visit!

Do You Believe In Fate?

"I believe some things are fated. Just by the way your energy is throughout your whole life, you’re bound to attract certain things. So fate is something, but I don’t believe in destiny. I don’t think that anyone has this ultimate timeline that they have no part in changing because that enables people to be assholes and allow them to fall back on the “well that’s just how this timeline is for me” lol. You can always change your future, we have control even some things we don’t have control over, we still have control over."

How Important Is Self Love?

"If you don’t love yourself, you can still love other people, but not perfectly. I think that you gotta love yourself so you know how to love other people"

What Do You Think Are 3 Of The Most Important/Essential Things Every Human Should Have?

"Adaptability for one; you have to be able to adjust your comfort zone for a lot of things. I think that people get stuck in their ways & it screws them over in the long run. You gotta adapt to any situation that comes your way. The second would have to be knowing when to ask for help cause a lot of people get overwhelmed & we all have different sets of skills so we can decide. “Well I’m really good at this so let me help you with that & you can help me with what I’m not equipped to deal with” so if you only just ask for help, you’re gonna find yourself in a better situation. Take your pride out of it! Number three: You have to give in to love. I feel like so many people get held back on this weird cultural thing that there’s only one love we should seek out, that’s like the Agape love like “I need to be madly in love with you” & it’s the only love you talk about. But you should talk about Philio love, let people in your life know you love them; friends, family, you gotta let them know cause it gets crazy out here. (After experiencing a close friend who had no signs of health issues pass away) It made me realize you never know when you will lose people & I never really thought about that & when they died it made me realize I need to tell the people around me that I love them."

If You Could Leave One Lesson For The World What Would It Be?

"I would want people to know that you can learn from the things that you fear. You can learn a lot from your Shadow Self, people don’t do enough shadow work. People need to explore the bad qualities about themselves, come to terms with it, and resolve it. Then you’ve befriended your shadow!"

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Let me begin with this old Chinese folktale I heard about an Emperor, a boy, and a seed...

In this story, the Emperor didn't have any children to hand his kingdom over to so he announced to the hopeful children wanting to take his place that he would give them each a seed to tend to and in a years time, they are to come back and show him what their efforts produced. So one young boy, Ling, went back to his village and picked out a pot for his seed with his mother and began to care for the seed each day as told. A few weeks passed as Ling watered his seed each day and saw that all the other children's seed has grown.. but Ling's didn't. The kids would compare their plants and laugh at Ling as his seed didn't produce anything; it bothered Ling, but still, each day he did what he was supposed to and would water his plant. When the year came to an end and it was time to show the Emperor what they have grown, Ling was very anxious since his plant never grew a single stem or leaf. "They're going to think I'm lazy, what if they punish me? They don't know I've watered and cared for my plant each day." His mother told him that no matter what he will return to the palace and show the emperor his pot. Ling, filled with worry, listened. As he entered through the gates, he saw how magnificent and beautiful all the other children's plants were. The other children began to wonder which of them the Emperor would choose to rule next and as they looked at Ling's pot, they would scoff and make fun of his barren pot.

The Emperor began looking at each vibrant plant and hopeful child as they puffed up their chests believing that they were the chosen ones to lead the kingdom. When the Emperor got to Ling, he asked him "what happened with your seed?" Ling assured him that he watered and cared for his seed each day but nothing grew; the Emperor mumbled to himself and walked away.

Hours later after the Emperor finished assessing each child and plant he announced his choice. “Clearly, some of you desperately want to be Emperor and would do anything to make that happen, but there is one boy that I would like to point out as he has come to me with nothing. Ling, come here please.” With fear, Ling approached the Emperor with his barren pot and the Emperor stated: “A year ago, I gave you all a seed.  I told you to plant the seed and return with your plant.  The seeds that I gave you all were boiled, no longer viable, and wouldn’t grow, but I see before me thousands of plants and only one empty pot. Integrity and courage are more important values for leadership than proud displays, so Ling here will be my heir.”

What I love most about this story is how much it resonates with me still to this day; the importance of honesty in your work and ethic. How you need to remain focused on your own path/decisions and not compare yourself to others and what may appeal to you from their journeys:

It's essentially important to nurture what you have; producing positive energy and love, appreciating your life and what it gifts you in each moment. We may look over our shoulder and begin to question ourselves; it is in these moments our choices and work desire more from our heart. When we continuously believe and acknowledge the support and love we receive from our atmosphere things get clearer to see, clearer to act on, even if we don't have the exact end plan in sight. We plant seeds of intention and outcome through our actions and affirmations every day whether we know it or not; to produce growth and happiness we need to be aware of what we allow ourselves to accept and be apart of; that means not giving in to negative or harmful talk or activity. It means supporting and treating others the way you want to be treated. Why bring someone down, do you really believe it'll bring you up? With our choices, we are capable of envisioning and doing great things, we just need to believe in good and in the process of life. If Ling got discouraged when the other kids taunted his empty pot he wouldn't have seen his triumph in the end. If Ling decided to take the easy way out instead of fulfilling his personal purpose do you think he would've been the Emperor's successor? He stood out because he stayed the course he knew he should be on, he didn't let comparisons or trend set him adrift. When we remain honest with ourselves and take time to care for our needs, even when we feel like we are out of our element, we rejoice in the fruits of our work. It all starts with just a seed of faith in our visions, a seed of action & love, a seed of self-dedication to the cause we are working towards.

Just because we don't always receive constant outward praise or celebration doesn't mean things aren't working or worth it. That's the beauty of personal growth! It isn't for anyone else but you. You can't come to know who you are when you're always doing for others. What waters you, won't water them and vice versa. This is a choice that needs to be made every day. Trees don't flourish overnight and your own being needs this nurturing and support every day as you grow and evolve into a better you. The importance of individuality is a driving force to have anything come to life. Remember who you're doing it for, remember what you give and say to yourself and keep going. Even a boiled seed will have it's reward as long as you put good in, good will always blossom out. ~ LSB

#OrganicallyGrown Creative Direction: LSB Shot/Executed by: Nuzzi Vizzion (@nuzzi_vizzion on IG)